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When Less Is More

Hi my friends!

About a week ago, I was complaining how being overweight makes me smell and sweat more so than when I was thin, despite that I shower about three times a day. Then, I received a comment that literally opened my eyes.

I had grown up with the notions that if you showered more and practiced hygiene in abundance then you would be clean. However, I didn’t know that with practicing these excessively would also be the problem to my not-so-nice smells, dry skin, stretch marks, and who knows what else.

After doing a little of my own research, which I go into a bit more detail on Am I Being Too Clean & Damaging My Skin?, I realized that I was wrong all this time. Also, that I must be open to new ways of cleanliness as well as overall skin health.

After my posts Am I Being Too Clean & Damaging My Skin? and Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks…#2 Forever Sweating, I started to change my ways. Instead of showering up to three times a day I went down to one, and for me that is extreme. I also decided to look for more environmentally friendly soaps and hygiene products. I tried looking for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, but, so far, with no luck at my local grocer.  Same goes for my bar soap, which the only good thing going for it is that it’s sodium lauryl sulfate free, but still has sodium chloride and fragrance added, which are both irritants and strip moisture from skin. However, this is an easy fix as I can broaden my search by going into town and also buying products online. (But I’m broke! Aaaah!)

As for my actual washing process, I try to only wash my vagina with water only and rest of my body with a gentle exfoliating bar made with almonds. Honestly, this bar soap I’m using is not the best for skin, even though it does feel and smell good, but it is the better than what I was using before… Also, I have tried not washing my face at all or using cleansing wipes if I get too oily instead of cleansers and acne treatments.

My results?

The first three days I smelled bad; I was tempted to take a second shower, but I held my ground and waited for end of day to shower.

The fourth day I noticed more vaginal discharge, which scared the shit out of me, however as I googled and researched some more, I came to realize that my own body was starting to recover and clean itself. So, that is cool!

By the end of the week I just totally forgot about foul scents.

Actually, I had been doing some rearranging and organizing my home and I know I sweated, but I didn’t notice any bad smells. In fact, my husband went as far as to tell me that I smelled like an ocean scented candle, despite not having showered yet that day.

Honestly, I can’t smell any ocean on me (haha) but at least I don’t smell like a rotting fig.

I’m going to continue with this new practice of showering less in order to keep myself cleaner and when I do shower I want to get products (or make my own) that are safe for my skin.

It’s still a journey and I’m still learning, but my confidence is boosted and I feel great. And, overall, I think that helps, not only my well being and skin health, but my weight loss goals as well.

It’s much easier to loose weight and get fit when you are happy and confident.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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