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Weekly Stat: 8.5.17

Wow! Respawn Plan is now over!

It is pretty amazing to complete a goal, I feel so accomplished and full of motivation and inspiration. Best part, it all came from me. I was one who empowered myself by sticking with these exercises to quick start myself  into doing it daily.

Fitness is now officially my habit and that makes me so happy. Though, I’m still not in the place where I wake up happy to workout.  Nope. I still wake up and have to force myself to do my exercises. What I have not done is procrastinate though. Because when I procrastinate, I end up not doing anything at all.

Hopefully, within this year, I will be able to be the type of person that looks forward to working out. The weird thing is, while I’m doing my exercises I’m having the time of my life, like it feels so good. So, I don’t know why I’m still in that mentality that working out is grueling in the beginning of each workout. Am I the only one like this?

So anyways, what am I going to do next?

Well, lately I’ve been getting into weight training so perhaps I’ll join a challenge like one of those 30 day squats or deadlifts. We’ll see.

Oh wait, but I also want to work on my back, not only is it fatty, but I want to define it. I know that a lot of it is my diet and rest is building my back by training.

Maybe ill work on my back while also performing a challenge?

Haha! Enough of that, I’ll come to a final decision on Monday. For now, here are my results:

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IMG_20170729_101402Last week
Weight: 194.8lbs
Bust: 47in
Waist: 36in
Hips: 48in
Fat %: 46.3
Muscle %: 32.1
BMI: Obese




Weight: 192.4lbs
Bust: 45in
Waist: 32in
Hips: 45in
Fat %: 45.5
Muscle %: 32.2
BMI: Obese


What annoys me the most though is that when I began 21 days ago my measurements were pretty much the same. It was that first week that I didn’t care for my diet and only worked out that I lost muscle mass and became more fatty… I had gained weight and it took me all this time to get it down basically back to where I originally started. That’s the only thing that pisses me off. If I had taken care of my diet while also working out that first week Id probably had been much healthier and trimmed. So, basically, the following two weeks were just fixing my mistake from the first week.

Here are my measurements from when I began:

self fat shaming, progress, start weight loss journey, fat loss journey. toned muscle and lean from obese. success story before and after.
Weight: 193.6lbs
Bust: 48in
Waist: 36in
Hips: 48in
Fat %: 39.9
Muscle %: 33.5
BMI: Obese




I lost weight by like a pound overall and my waist has slimmed down by 4 inches overall. My bust and hips have gone down by like an inch however, my fat has gone up overall by 6% and I lost muscle mass from when  I started by 1.3%.

So what does this mean?

Diet plays a huge huge role on your weight loss. There is no working out more to counter balance a bad diet. You are fighting yourself if you eat donuts and think you’ll just do 50 more squats. I learned to not justify my cheating. Because that is what it was.

Lesson learned.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina



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