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Weekly Stat: 7.29.17

Honestly, before this I was just not taking care of myself diet wise. My nutrition is all over the place unhealthy and I rely to much on my husband to bring food from work.. which is a convenience store… yeah.

Somewhere along the line I got really lazy and it wasn’t till this morning that I finally came out of denial. My food habits suck. What’s worse, this morning I went for a check up, well more because my nose has been bleeding of and on for a few  weeks. Well, turns out the bleeding nose was cuz of the temp in my house; too cold so blood vessels pop. But, while they were running other tests and such my doctor discovered that I am pre diabetic.


That’s what finally made me open my eyes.

Pre diabetic.. that means I’m just one step closer to full blown type 2 diabetes.

So yeah, I really need to seriously change my eating ways. At the same time, I also want to start bodybuilding and weightlifting training. I believe if I can stick to a good diet and consistent training then I can get out of the red zone of pre diabetes.

And the mentality that I can workout more for all the cheat or bad food I eat is out the door. Bye bye.

However, I’m so anxious and excited! I can’t wait to start weightlifting and such that today even, I worked on my lats and lower back on top of my already workout with the respawn plan.

I still have a week left for respawning; and since the purpose of respawning was to kick start my way into exercising each day, I’d say I have green light to take up bodybuilding. Only thing though, I need to learn more about bodylifting, cuz as it is right now, I’m going in blind.

Anyways, on to the stats!

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Weight: 196.6lbs
Bust: 48in
Waist: 47in
Hips: 49in
Fat %: 47.0
Muscle %: 32.0
BMI: Obese


Weight: 194.8lbs
Bust: 47in
Waist: 46in
Hips: 48in
Fat %: 46.3
Muscle %: 32.1
BMI: Obese


What I notice the most is that my belly is less protuding XD so happy!




Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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