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Weekly Stat: 7.22.17

Right now it is Friday night and tomorrow my first week of the Respawn Plan is completed!

I have mix feelings about my results because to me they don’t make sense. However, I do see why it is the way it is. I just I don’ t know.. my measurements don’t resemble how I feel or feel how I think I look.

Honestly, to me, I feel like I have lost weight, like a lot of weight. But the numbers don’t add up. I feel like I have more energy, in the sense that I want to do things when before this week I just wanted to lay in bed.

Plus, I got more frisky in bed! 😉

To my surprise though, I did a lot this past week!

Okay, so this is what I did:

  1. I worked out each day following the exercises described on the Respawn Plan – Cardio/warm up from jogging (in place) with a max of 5 minutes, Squats were the easiest and I started with 28 reps and today I completed 47 reps, then were the leg ups which I still can’t completely perform in a perfect  ‘⊥’ shape. 🙁 But it’s okay and I ended up doing 13 reps in the start and 31 reps today so it is something. The hardest one was push ups and I had a hard wake up; my upper body strength is super poor. I wasn’t even able to complete 1 push up at the start of this week and today I only did 2. (By the way the push ups I’m doing are the male varieties in which your off of your knees and elbows are tucked in to the sides.)
  2. Since my husband and I have recently purchased a house, we have been doing one cleaning project or maintenance fix through out the week. Projects such as caulking corners, cracks, and crevices, trimming trees and other yard work, painting a room with sealant to seal the cigarette smell from the walls and ceiling, and slowly unpacking things from the storage room and organizing them in our new home.
  3. Parking far away from the front of store so that we are forced to walk more. (My husbands idea!)

There are things I have realized that I do wrong in the manner of weight loss speaking.

  1. Inability to resist bread. I actually eat a lot of bread.
  2. Not sticking to a sleeping schedule which throws off my workout schedule.
  3. Not drinking enough water. I’ve been drinking tea though most likely not better than coke or soda pop regardless. But I’m looking at it as a small step to completely removing coke and soda pop from my life. Sorry coca~cola, I love you, but… you are toxic to me. We needs to break up.

Anyways, I think I have rambled enough. Time for the gritty bitty.

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Weight: 193.6lbs
Bust: 48in
Waist: 36in
Hips: 48in
Fat %: 39.9
Muscle %: 33.5
BMI: Obese





Weight: 196.6lbs
Bust: 48in
Waist: 37in
Hips: 49in
Fat %: 47.0
Muscle %: 32.0
BMI: Obese




So, based on this I have lost weight in muscle percentage but gained in fat percentage which overall has made me gain weight. That means that diet does play a huge role in weight loss and I definitely have to cut bread and sugary drinks from my diet, including tea.

I am really annoyed. Though I do look thinner in the pictures, my goal is to lose weight in a healthy manner. I don’t want for my weight to come back worse and heavier.

Believe me… working real hard working out and then to gain weight and fat is very discouraging. It’s like a big middle finger.

But, this is just the first week. We’ll see how things will turn out once 21 days are over. For the mean time, it’s tweaking time!

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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