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This Past Week…

So much has happened this past week.. I honestly don’t know where to start.

I mean, it seriously has been a roller coaster ride from finances to romance to family bickering and everything else in between.

However, instead, I’ll just let it be known that despite all the negativity that happened, I have realized in me many great things. Things such as that words said by my in laws no longer affect me; I realized finally that they are just words and as long as my husband believes in me and knows the truth then what anyone else says is irrelevant. I have also learned to finally respect myself and by doing so I have also shown respect to my husband.

It is pretty amazing that even though the Respawn Plan was only meant for a quick start into a healthier lifestyle it has also changed my outlook in life, in my intimacy with my husband, and my relationships with family and friends.

Sometimes you can not remove toxic people out of your lives but when you can learn to realize that it really doesn’t matter, toxic people no longer are an issue.

I’m finally happy again, worry free again. The best part, living in the moment and in bliss.

Everything is going to be okay because it always is. Trust and love and faith in one another makes it so.

I may be broke with literally only $2 in the bank but in the end I know we will find a way just like we have always have done.

I’m so happy to be married and in love with my husband; that we take on very trouble some challenges together and head on with optimism. The old me would of broken down and become so overwhelmed.

I’m incredibly happy.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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