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Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks… #2 Forever Sweating

Coming from a girl who was once skinny…

Alrighty, so, aside from the obvious reasons why anyone would want to loose weight, whether it be health issues or simply looking good, there are other reasons you just might not of heard of.

So, here is my personal #3 reason why being fat sucks…

If you are a heavy gal (or man), like me, then you sweat bucket loads; for no reason! Seriously, like someone forgot to fully close the faucet and it’s trinkling everywhere. You can be in a cool room with ac set to 68° and for some weird reason it’s like you were in a sauna. You could even be cold and shivering and you’re still sweating!

Perhaps it’s just me and I just have a sweat problem, but one thing I know for sure, I didn’t sweat this much when I was thinner.

And the places you sweat are soo uncomfortable!

  • Eyebrows (that trickle down to your eyes and burn).
  • Upper lip.
  • Behind the ears (which becomes itchy).
  • Between cleavage (you know the valley).
  • Under cleavage (I imagine regardless if you’re male or female).
  • Between fat rolls (they give me the tickles).
  • Butt crack (which sometimes shows through your clothes and makes you look like you pissed/shit yourself a lil).
  • Under belly (which has a really weird smell regardless how many times you wash and dry the area).
  • Inner thighs (which causes chafing).
  • Behind knees (also gives the tickles).
  • Feet (causes unpleasant odor).

I shower at least 3 times a day, because, in my mind, sweating equals being dirty. Also, I really hate the odors and I really love showers in general.

So yea, I would only like to sweat when I’m working out please. At least that way, it’s sexy!

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Lots of Love,
Silva Martina



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