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Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks… #1 Underwear

Coming from a girl who was once skinny…

Aside from not looking your swim suit bikini best, or not having the best health to out grow your friends and everyone in the world; there are other reasons why being fat really sucks that you just might not of heard of.

So, my #1 personal reason for why being fat sucks is…

…your damn underwear never feels or fits right.

No matter the cut, the style, or the fabric. All underwear feel immensely uncomfortable when you’re fat.

How? Why?

Well, all underwear I have bought so far, I’ve had an issue with. Such as:

  • They all roll under the belly. As if your belly is hungry and has never eaten before.
  • They ride up at the back
  • They completely twist on you.
  • If they are cotton, they over stretch and become to big.
  • If they are thongs or seamless, they cut into any fat rolls or create new ones.
  • There are wedgies all the time
  • They cause painful and annoying chafing.
  • Fancy lace lingerie causes little pimples at the creases where your leg meets your “kitty”.
  • Certain colors make you even fatter looking.
  • Granny panties and briefs feel like you’re wearing a diaper that occasionally either rolls under the belly or slip off completely and sometimes both. One size smaller and it cuts into you.
  • And the most important one, your self esteem is shot and you feel ugly.

My solution: Don’t wear underwear!!!

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why all underwear sucks when your fat.

Maybe I suck at picking out underwear.

Maybe I’m just super aware of my weight that I imagine feeling all these things? Like, that I’m so obsessed with my weight gain and fat rolls that I go looking for something negative and horrible, little as it may be, and then blow it out of proportion?

Perhaps I’m just being bitchy and whinny?

Maybe my fat is harmless and does me good and all my uncomfortable ness in underwear is just me being dumb?


It’s all in my head?

Hahahah! Naah!

Your underwear will not compromise with you if you’re fat.

Though, there might be some truth to the over exaggeration of underwear uncomfortable ness when you’re chubby, the reality is that there is more skin and more volume to rub against each other, which I think is the main reason why underwear twists, rolls, rides up, and shaft us.

So, if you’re thinking about letting your body go, “anyways I’m married now, I have kids, I don’t need to be sexy for anyone…” DON’T!

Being fat sucks!

And if you’re a poor soul who is already “kinda in the heavy side” (because let’s face it, we don’t like to admit we are fat), then we need to work out together and lose those pounds, fat, and inches.

Here is to looking and feeling sexy in attractive underwear that will make us feel like goddesses!

Or whatever tickles your pickle. Let’s do it!

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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