Sexy is my Ideal Weight


I am not a licensed dietitian, nor medical doctor, nor a fitness expert. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with my weight loss, fitness, and my life in general and to offer a little entertainment along the way. If you are seeking a professional opinion on how you should proceed to achieve your personal goals, please consult a professional. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Further more, regarding Freebies… Never, […]

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Weekly Stat: 7.15.17

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Good morning my loves! So, it’s about to be 6am and I start my Respawn Plan, which is a workout plan to jump start my workout and healthy lifestyle.. forever. I had done this plan before in the past with much success. So, why did I stop. Heh heh well I got pregnant. Unfortunately for me, I was a lost soul who still believed that pregnant woman are suppose to […]

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This is Why You Should Workout During Your Period!

The first thing I noticed exercising on my first day of my period was that I realized I wasn’t thinking about my cramps or bloating. I mean in the beginning of my workout I had my doubts and I was cramping. I had done a set of jumping jacks and farted some, but once I began my squats and definitely during my leg ups I couldn’t feel my cramps any more and my bloating significantly reduced.

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Thank You! You’re So Awesome!

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