Sexy is my Ideal Weight

My Style Is Classic Chic Bohemian Exotic Casual Sexy Sporty Rocker Punk Kawaii

So what is it? What is my style?

All of them and probably even more. And at first it was very annoying that my style was not just set to one or two.

You see, I am new at this, despite my age. I like the idea of fashion but I don’t really know how to coordinate a outfit or even clarify what style it is. I figured that the first step was to know what style I most fit into and follow its rules to follow in that styles direction. In other words, guidance.

I took this quiz at Visual Therapy and answered everything with utmost honesty. My results however were far from satisfying.



The quiz starts off with ten questions that simply asks what I like from their selection or what most resembles what I already do when shopping and such.

My score came across as 20% at each of the style. However, the quiz concluded that my dominant style is Classic with a combination of Chic.

I questioned, how could that be? I’m 20% on each of its categories, labels, styles, whatever.

Unsatisfied with my results, I head on to Pinterest thinking I can just pin everything that I like then assess what my style is based off the majority of things I like.

That went to the dogs. Though I did pin a lot of pieces that I just love, I came to realize something very very important about fashion or at least about my own personal style:

Fashion is completely and utterly transparent. Fun. Chaotic. Confusing. Beautiful.

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So, what is my style? My style is classic-chic-bohemian-exotic-casual-sexy-sporty-rocker-punk-kawaii.

I don’t think it’s traditional, but I have decided that instead of labeling myself and my fashion style as this or that, I will alternatively categorize my outfits based off of event and circumstance.


  • During the day when I am at home is when I rather wear something most comfy and cute; Que-in the casual, preppy, kawaii, girly, and pastel goth styles.
  • When I am out on a date with my husband I want to feel sexy and proud to be shown off by my husband; Naturally that’s sexy, trendy, exotic, elegant, chic, and avant garde styles.
  • Working out calls out for sexy and sporty styles.
  • Heading to bed means lacy, girly, and sexy styles specifically lingerie.
  • At the beach or simply getting some sun would yield bohemian and exotic styles.
  • And when doing the kink, sexy, dominatrix, avant garde and alternative styles.

This I believe is perfect for the simple reason that I like bits of everything but don’t want to mesh everything together in one weird overwhelming clump and wear it everyday. Like this, I can express each version of myself without going crazy.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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