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In our modern society we are constantly bombarded with the message ‘eat more carbs and less fat’, and we have taken that advice to heart.

We now eat more carbs and less fat than our grandparents’ generations did, yet we suffer from more obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes than ever before.

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Most fats are good and essential to our survival and health. This is because fats are the most efficient form of energy for our bodies. In fact, each gram contains about 9 calories, compared to the 4 calories of protein and carbs.

The keto diet promotes eating fresh, whole foods like meat, fish, veggies, and healthy fats and oils as well as reducing the consumption of highly processed and chemically treated foods that are abundant in our standard american diet.

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Eat 60-90% of your calories from fat and adapt to metabolizing fat quickly as energy. Gain better appetite control and regulation, and lose weight as your body easily burns fat stores. It sounds like the complete opposite of everything we’ve been told about weight loss! But strong research backs up the science behind the ketogenic diet.

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Ketogenic diet is a special diet that allows you to eat a high amount of fat alongside sufficient protein, while reducing carbs in your daily diet. The main goal of the diet is to enhance overall health by using fats as the main source of energy which will in turn reduce the risk of developing various health conditions which are attributed to diets with too much carbohydrate content. The ketogenic diet forces the body to enter a state known as ketosis, which allows to body to use fat as its main energy source.

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 Cutting the amount of carbs you eat everyday is the fastest way to lose weight period. The trick to the Ketogenic diet is that it is not a no-carb diet but rather low-carb. Completely cutting our all carbs not realistic, so there is a huge emphasis on high-fatty foods that your body can use as energy.

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Fat bombs are delicious high fat, low carb, ketogenic snacks designed to keep you fueled throughout the day. In this keto cookbook, I’ve got 20 delicious paleo ketogenic fat bomb recipes that you’ll love.

From Blueberry Nut Bars to Bacon Avocado Balls and Cinnamon Walnut Cashew Cheese Sandwiches. I’m sure you’ll find a recipe to satisfy your keto diet with Ketogenic Fat Bomb Recipes.



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