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Welcome to my little side of the universe!

Silva Martina is a blog mainly created to hold on to and share experiences throughout my weight loss journey. Brought to you by one and only, Silva Martina.

Blog offers personal thoughts, fitness trends, reviews, freebies, healthy recipes, workouts, and even my failures, in which I show that it’s okay to fail; it’s okay to not be perfect.

That’s my message.

It took me five years to realize that. To accept I’m not perfect and that failure is a state of mind just as well as happiness is.

One day it just hit me: the only person holding me back from happiness was myself; the only one keeping me over weight was me.

The universe wasn’t out to get me.

That is when my mindset totally changed, and though I still engulf myself in darkness sometimes, I’ve learned that I can get back up and I’d be a better person for it.

Weight loss is one of the hardest things to combat; it goes right down with having drug addictions as it has been proven to affect similar areas in the brain.

Why do we love it so much? Why is food like a drug to some?

Because we believe that it will actually makes us feel better?

Majority of people turn to food as a coping mechanism. A percentage of people also just eat cuz they’re bored. Some, on the other hand, just don’t know what to eat and consume what is simply offered to them or most convenient.

However, here is the reality: food and over eating will never be the answer. It will never solve your problems or make them disappear. Nor will it hug you and say, “don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Really ask yourself; sit in a quite room and really reflect on yourself. How do you actually feel after binge or bored eating? Do you only feel happy right before you eat when you are anticipating your fix? Do you only feel joy or calmness at only the thought of food, but once you engorge yourself, what do you feel then? Is it cramped, bloated, and full of diarrhea waiting to happen? Are you immediately disgusted with yourself afterwards?

If it truly brought you joy, you would not feel these particular feels. Nope.

But it’s okay.

The first step is to recognize that it’s you who is in charge of your weight and your happiness.

I mean, we could just excuse our overweightness to depression; to anxiety; to stress, or that healthy food is just too expensive.

We could just blame our mothers; our fathers; our spouses; our work places because they don’t let us live a healthy lifestyle or give us enough time.

But really, no one is going to help you lose weight or be happy. People can guide you; people can advice you; hell people can lay a detailed day to day plan, meal to meal, everything you should do to lose weight. In the end it will always fall onto you.

We need to make the decision to change for a better happier us, like we always wanted.

You are your own worst enemy or your own best savior.

310c6e14f7fe33708cfba33480a066b9And to be very, very, honest, it is not going to be easy. That is the cold hard truth, and one I personally don’t want to think about.

However, changing how you think is very very hard. (Just look at me…)

It takes 21 days to create a good habit (or any habit for that matter).

It takes us 66 days to forget one.

Le gasp! Bet you didn’t know that last bit.

But hey, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, am I right?

Speaking of, one thing that has helped me this past year is reading other peoples success stories and weight loss blogs and vlogs.

It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and that is exactly what I want my readers to feel. Maybe even to inspire and motivate.
I want you to see my struggle and my success and my failures. Because one thing I didn’t see much that I wish I had seen more is the struggle.

It puts things in perspective; it makes weight loss and fitness real and not some parrot who repeats what they see without actually experiencing it or making the world think that their weight loss journey was a walk in the park and that it’s super easy and flawless.

Cuz in the real world, where everyone else lives, it’s hard to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Much less, feel sexy and confident.

My theory is, if you can see someone going through what you are going through, or something similar, and still succeed, then that will give you hope. And hope fuels motivation; motivation powers determination; determination yields results; results makes you feel confident and sexy; and sexy is our ideal weight.

So, let me be your guinea pig from now on.

I will try everything out for certain amount of time and document my results right here on Silva Martina. (And if you subscribe, you’ll never miss a post as they happen.)

I plan to try out different gyms, diets, programs, challenges, types of exercises, workout routines, fitness products and gadgets, as well as some DIYs and even provide product freebies.

You can also contact me if you need something specific or like to suggest something that could benefit us all in our weight loss journeys to becoming sexy.

That way, if you are not sure about a certain diet or workout, I can help you determine weather it’s in your best interest or waste of time. I do the research for you and hopefully make your transition to a sexier healthier you just a bit more tolerable.

I truly hope my experiences and reviews helps you as much as it helps me and I would like to welcome you once more to my little humble blog, Silva Martina!

We will have great and most wonderful times together here! :3

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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