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I am not a licensed dietitian, nor medical doctor, nor a fitness expert. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with my weight loss, fitness, and my life in general and to offer a little entertainment along the way.

If you are seeking a professional opinion on how you should proceed to achieve your personal goals, please consult a professional.


Further more, regarding Freebies…

Never, absolutely never  give out your credit card information. If it’s truly free, they shouldn’t need that info in the first place!

Also remember that free products and samples usually take a little while to arrive regardless of what they may be. You will need to be patient when it comes to the delivery time since when a company is providing absolutely free stuff, they are simply not making any money in the process of just giving out the samples. The profit comes  from you buying the full product afterwards. So as far as the free sample goes, express shipping isn’t a huge priority for them. Don’t fret though, they usually have a very high number of samples to give out; as long as you are patient and submit request for a free sample within their time frame you’ll be guaranteed one. Just give it anywhere from 3-12 weeks to arrive at your doorstep! This is one of the only downsides to shopping for freebies.

One more thing, the best free stuff will come from trusted websites. I pride myself on finding legit, scam-free offers for you guys, and I look into each offer I post personally. However, if you see freebie offers elsewhere or off of, be cautious and make sure the website is legit before you give out any personal info.


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