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Am I being Too Clean & Damaging My Skin?

In my recent post: Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks… #2 Forever Sweating, I had received a comment that made me think and question my methods. Showering three times a day is actually VERY unhealthy for your skin and it tries to get the normal pH back, so I can imagine it’ll also “help” you sweat as that is the normal behavior of skin

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This is Why You Should Workout During Your Period!

The first thing I noticed exercising on my first day of my period was that I realized I wasn’t thinking about my cramps or bloating. I mean in the beginning of my workout I had my doubts and I was cramping. I had done a set of jumping jacks and farted some, but once I began my squats and definitely during my leg ups I couldn’t feel my cramps any more and my bloating significantly reduced.

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