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Am I being Too Clean & Damaging My Skin?

In my recent post: Reasons Why Being Fat Sucks… #2 Forever Sweating, I had received a comment that made me think and question my methods.

Showering three times a day is actually VERY unhealthy for your skin and it tries to get the normal pH back, so I can imagine it’ll also “help” you sweat as that is the normal behavior of skin. Maybe next time just clean your skin in your mentioned areas with some water and see 721c311cedf8163c88e40b09e5ee06c4if it helps. But your skin will need some time to get back to normal! Or just shower without shower gel at all.


After the comment, I googled skin behavior to constant washing and I learned some pretty interesting things, but also made me question other habits.

What I learned (and now that I know, I feel like it should’ve been common sense):

  1.  Hot water strips body of necessary oils which leads to dryness and stretch marks.
  2.  Majority of body washes and shampoos have sulfate and/or alcohol which dry out the skin and disrupts body’s natural ph levels.
  3.  Bar soap can and most likely is leaving a coating of soap scum, which prevents skin to “breathe.”
  4. Constant washing can also create acne, irritation, and yeast infections, especially if bathing instead of showering.

So, now that I know this, well hell, I’ll shower once a day (most likely in the morning), apposed to showering three times a day.

On another note, usually after my shower I lather in cream, because I believed that it would help keep skin subtle and moisturized. However, in light of this new information, I’m questioning whether I should moisturize. Prior understanding was that majority of creams have some kind of petroleum or oil by-product. Another item that is a by-product of oil, aside from petroleum, is latex and rubber.

Now, I do recall wearing rubber gloves, or even cheap rubber shoes, and those items definitely don’t allow your skin to efficiently let heat escape, which causes massive sweating.

Therefore, it is my thinking, that if creams coat the skin and contain these materials, then it would be like wearing a full body rubber suit.

Now, I also did find that the point of cream is to “lock-in moisture,” but I believe now that it also locks in the toxins excreted by your body by means of sweat.

So, previously, in trying to mend my sweating problem, I only fed to the problem by showering often with warm water and then applying cream over and over, never allowing skin to recover naturally.

But then, what do you do to keep clean and moisturized? Well, I think maybe by washing with just water all over body and lightly with soap over genitalia with soaps that are unscented and (if you can find some) sulfate free. Drink plenty of water that is appropriate for your body weight to keep skin moisturized from the inside out. Drinking water also helps body become more efficient over all. Eating fruits and vegetables that are high in both water and collagen also keeps skin subtle, hydrated, and firm. And finally, exfoliate to remove toxins that may have accumulated from sweat and outside pollution. If you do have to wear cream, wear one that is light in texture; same goes to sunscreen.

Of course, these are my opinions that I have found through my own research. I invite everyone to question and research on their own before making up your minds. Don’t take everything to fact and follow blindly. After all, everyone perceives things differently, and one phrase can mean something entirely different to someone else.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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