Sexy is my Ideal Weight

The chicka behind the name
Silva Martina.

She is the humble talent behind – A blog about her brutally honest take on self love, happiness and the challenges of weight loss.

Born in Texas, 91, Martina began her blog, not only for self motivation, but to show  the world that they are not alone on their weightloss journey.

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Social media, the internet, our peers, everyone makes it seem like weight loss is a walk in the park. And the information out there on fitness and weight loss is so overwhelming that it’s stressful and anxiety inducing. But she weeds through all that and shares her adventures for you.

She used to be thin, however, 113lbs. Walked 7 miles a day for fun majority of her life since secondary school.

Then within one year of being bed ritten and becoming pregnant she balloned to 239lbs.

Five years later, after suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, and a identity crisis, it finally hit her:

“I’m not sick any more; the only person holding me back from happiness was myself; the only one keeping me chunky was me. The universe isn’t out to get me.”

It was a eureka moment and her life as well as her mindset changed.

The struggle of loving herself and losing the weight is still there, but now, Martina knows she can pick her self up. She knows that small little set backs aren’t the end of the world.

The progress is evident.

Within a short time, Martina has gone from 239lbs to 187lbs. Acknowledging her impressive accomplishment, she now is finishing her BFA degree and doing the things she has always wanted to but was afraid to.

Like blogging.


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