Sexy is my Ideal Weight

Omg!!! I Start Working Out Then This…

Yep, it’s that time of the month again!

Sometimes, I hate being a woman omg…

So, it’s starting to feel like the universe is out to get me.

It is like every time I start to seriously take on a project, weather it be blogging and working out or something else in my life I find important, miss aunt flow comes to visit.

I feel like this:

That’s me!

I call that face the old man face. (Omg! I look like such a butterface! Hahah!)

Anyways, I usually always avoid working out when I’m on my period. I mean hell, I’m all bloated and crampy. My mood is all annoyed and frustrated and all I really want to do is sleep and forget about the world.

The thing is, I’m serious about my weight loss! I’m serious about my blog! If I were to just sleep through my entire period.. that would set me back a whole week. Because that is how long I have my menses.

One. Whole. Week.

But today, and so out of character, I pushed through my workout. Didn’t expect what happened next.

I had so much effin fun!

That’s right, I was expecting to feel worse; cramps beyond comprehension; more bloated ness; extra soreness and tightness.

However, that was waaaay not the case.

The actuality of it was actually quite pleasant. I felt great afterwards.

At first, I was dragging a bit cuz of the cramps and I did fart twice!

Le gasp! Women fart? Yes.

But after I got into a more fluid rhythm of executing my reps, I started to notice that that I didn’t notice my cramps anymore.

Where’d they go? Who cares!

Anyways, I also felt less bloated; maybe cuz of the farts; maybe cuz of the exercise. Only the universe will know.

The weirdest thing though, I felt like I had more energy to do my workout. Even went beyond my to-failure-reps record from yesterday. Which was 24 squats, 2 push ups, and 15 leg ups yesterday. Today was 53 squats, 6 push ups, and 30 leg ups.


Aah.. I feel relaxed now. Hahaha, who would of ever knew. Periods, the answer to your stress and weight loss. (Yeppers, that’s We Bare)

No, but for reals I feel amazingly good and I just can’t wait for tomorrow!

So, that brings to question:

  1. Is it better to workout during your period?
  2. Will I lose weight more efficiently during my period?
  3. What workouts are best for optimal weight loss during my period?
  4. How can I prevent leakage during a workout session?
  5. What is actually happening to my body on a molecular and/or chemical level when working out during my period?
  6. Will my period shorten or lengthen while exercising during its duration?

I figure it will be very interesting and fun to figure out the answers to all these questions.

Like an experiment!


Almost feel like a scientist right now.

Lots of Love,
Silva Martina


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